“The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn’t be a farmer.
We’re sad to announce that North Star Organics did not harvest the entire crop this year.  Cherry farmers are faced with many tough decisions, and this season was particularly challenging for us.  We take pride in providing high quality products, and the fruit this year was not able to meet our standards.
We will have frozen organic tart cherries in August 2020 and dried organic cherries in September 2020.
AND we will now enter our 21st year organic and 35th year growing those cherries with renewed fortitude.  Our thanks to all those who have offered such support and encouragement.
Organically yours, 
Alan & Cheryl Kobernik

Northern Michigan’s Cherry Haven


These days, everyone automatically correlates Northern Michigan to cherries. Not only is the area the number one cherry-producing capital of the world, but the nationally famous Cherry Festival is celebrated throughout the region every year. North Star Organics is proud to be part of this famous legacy, bringing delicious and fresh produce to people all over the state and country.

The Kobernik family brings their farming history and passion for cherries into everything they do. North Star Organics allows you to take a piece of that pride home with you.

Christopher Baker Loves Cherries Too


Famous film and video producer, Christopher Baker, was inspired by the Kobernik’s cherry farm when he visited. He created this montage of footage to celebrate the region’s favorite fruit and the pride and joy the Kobernik’s take in running their orchard.

(be patient while the video loads)