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40lb Tub Frozen Cherries (No Sugar)

(3 customer reviews)

Available for Pick up only, or limited delivery within the State of Michigan.

1139 Forrester Rd

Frankfort MI, 49635



40 lbs individually quick frozen organic Montmorency red tart cherries
(plastic bag inside a cardboard box – box is 12x12x16)

Additional information

Weight 640 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 16 in

3 reviews for 40lb Tub Frozen Cherries (No Sugar)

  1. Melissa

    DELICIOUS! My son loves them as a snack. They’re great for baking or eating right out of the bag frozen. Perfect blend of sweet and tartness.

    • Alan

      We are SO pleased that you enjoy our product! We are very proud of our trees and the fruit they supply. In the cold days of winter as we prune our trees and work on equipment it warms our hearts to have customers take the time to express their appreciation for our fruit! We too appreciate you and your son’s culinary critique!

  2. kristin

    These are simply the best cherries that I have ever eaten! Both the frozen and dried are well worth driving from Ypsi to Frankfort to pick up! Tart cherries that are slightly sour and sweet, we eat the frozen ones right out of the bag! Kristin

  3. Heidi M

    These cherries were the best! Love making pies out of them, and cherry sauce. Mmm, mmm.

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